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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome to Gypsy*Diaries!

With the Barcelona move not happening right now, I thought it's time to redesign/rename my blog. You like it? :)
I was thinking a lot and decided to go with the gypsy theme. I started to count in how many places I lived in the last 8 years....

- 4 countries
- 6 cities
- 30+ apartments
Plus I travelled to
- 4 continents
- 20+ countries

... I think I truly deserve to be called a modern gypsy. :) What I really enjoy in life is that I'm always travelling and gathering new experiences. (but a base to call home would be nice soon :)
I'll keep posting about Barcelona every once in a while but I'm taking a new direction posting more travel, fashion and design related posts and really I'll be posting about anything that comes to my mind... a real gypsy can never limit herself to a certain direction! :) Hop on my caravan! The journey continues...

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh my gosh, love love love! Awesome!

Lila said...

Can't wait to hear about all your travels. Congrats on the move to Italy.

Hope Chella said...

This is such a wonderful picture and great blog :)

Mariel Torres said...

i would absolutely love to be able to travel that much :)

Taylor Sterling said...

Wow you have lived in amazing places!

Andy Quirks said...

Love the photo. My family lived in five countries! were now in the Philippines and we still do a lot of travels around. i love seeing the world. glad you are too!

lovely blog!


Unknown said...

Oh girl, you're an utterly modern gypsy! My family and I are just like you, and now in the uk my mum actually tutors real travellers (the pc term over here!) and they always say we're more gypsy than they are!

Oh I can't wait to hear all your adventures! What a beautiful blog! What is it exactly you do?!

Have a fab week xoxo

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! I'm so excited to hear about more of your adventures (: I totally admire and love how you're living!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments! Sometimes I'm fed up with this life and I need a little reminder to appreciate the good side of it! :)

Shannon of HAPPINESS IS said...

Wow girl, you live the life! I just adore your new blog header! Excellent work sweetie :) xo

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