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Friday, October 30, 2009

Have a Happy Halloween Weekend!!!

As for me i'm skipping Halloween (not that i ever really celebrated it :)) but i'll be at least cooking a yummy pumpkin soup to commemorate the event! Are you up to any spooky Halloween fun this weekend?


Halloween actions in BCN:

- Learn more about La Castanyada

- Halloween Partiesssss

- Get Spooked - more parties

- Concerts/Art/Clubbing

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

October in Barcelona

Genious Barcelonian blogger From Barcelona (Jeremy) captured the autumn beauty of the city so perfectly, i just had to quote him (for the full post check out his blog!).... Thanks!!!!


"October's coming to an end and I'm a little sad to see it go. It tends to be my favorite month in the city. The heat and humidity of summer is gone and the rains of September have finished, for the most part. The weather's perfect: warm enough to still sit out side during the day but usually with a breeze; at night a light jacket or a sweater suffices. There's this lazy haze in the air and it just seems everything's moving at half speed from the people to the cars to your brain. Walking around the different neighborhoods, you see the way the sun hits the buildings and brings out all the different shades of colors, giving them an almost painting-like feel."

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tibidabo: magical, antique, retro, charming, romantic....hhhhhuhhhhh


"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." George Bernard Shaw




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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just because it's so lovely...


Friday, October 23, 2009

Have a nice family weekend!!!

My mom and sis are visiting for a long weekend. We'll have long walks on brown leaves, rent bikes, go hiking and i'll be eating my body weight in mommy yummy food!!! Great stomach stretching exercise for the upcoming holiday season! :) You have a nice family weekend too!


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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Bliss.... Spanish Guitar a la Emilio de Benito

Enjoy some authentic Spanish guitar music from Emilio de Benito (the man responsible for the beautiful guitar solo in Vicky Cristina Barcelona), brightens up even the greyest Thursdays! Let it lift you up and fly away!!!

In Barcelona and Want to See Live Performances of the Spanish Guitar?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Skiing near Barcelona

With winter knocking on the door i can't help but get excited for the skiing/snowboarding season ahead of us! One of the major attraction of Barcelona to me has always been that while you're right on the beach you can be in the mountains, ski-ready in a matter of hours, you can even do daytrips if you want to!

After some research i came up with the following list of ski resorts to check out:

Within 2 hours of Barcelona

- La Molina

- Masella

- Port del Comte

- Vall de Nuria

Within 2,5 hours of Barcelona  (all in Andorra)

- Canillo

- Encamp

- Ordino - Arcalis

- Pal - Arinsal

- Pas de la Casa

- Soldeu el Tarter

Within 3 hours of Barcelona

- La Massana (Andorra)

Have you tried any of them? Any (other) recommendations???

If you're in the city don't miss the Barcelona Snow show on the 7th of November!

One of my new year resolution for 2010 is: learn to snowboard!

(oh i did have one attempt years ago, which ended with me being alone in a forest covered with snow, waiting for the rescue team... rental snowboard lost forever... well, that's a story for another day :)


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Friday, October 16, 2009

Have a lazy weekend!!!

Lots of sleep, movies, food... those are my weekend plans! You have a lazy weekend too! ;)


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

World Vegetarian Month

vegetablesDid you know it's World Vegetarian Month in October? I know people who "celebrate" by going vegetarian or even vegan for a month or a week. Did you ever try it? I was vegetarian for about two years in high school, but after a while i did miss meat so i switched to a semi-vegetarian diet (I only eat chicken now). Yeah Spanish/Catalan cuisine is not one of the reasons i want to move the Spain (except for espinacs a la Català and escalivada), nevertheless there are a couple of good looking vegetarian restaurant in BCN.  Will check them out and it's the perfect time for you as well to fill your bodies with fresh fruits and veggies before the grey season starts! Oh and by the way I'm loving the SinCarne website! Go check it out!

VEGETALIA : one of the leading Spanish producers of organic vegetarian foods and products has opened its very first bar/restaurant and store right in the heart of Barcelona


JUICY JONES  probably the only 100% vegan restaurant in BCN

For a long list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in BCN  click  at SinCarne or  HappyCow

(btw it is very surprising how many restaurants do not have a proper website these days, incredible!!!)

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Something really great about autumn in Barcelona.... the colors!

20081107100508Photo source

Friday, October 9, 2009

Have a beautiful autumn weekend!!!

I'm off to Paris, but wish you a beautiful weekend with an Alan the Gallant illustration! Another (autumn-y) masterpiece from BCN...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Giulia Y Los Tellarini - Barcelona Lyrics and Video

Talking about Vicky Cristina Barcelona I remembered the enchanting song that starts off and sets the mood in the movie. The song Barcelona was recorded by Giulia y los Tellarini, a little known local indie band. Can you think of a song more perfect for the movie or more perfectly fitting to Barcelona??? And have you ever seen the official videoclip? Olleeee

Porque tanto perderse tanto buscARSE sin encontrARSE
me encierran los muros de todas partes
Barcelona te esta's equivocANDO no puedes seguir ignorANDO
que el mundo sea otra cOSA y volar como maripOSA.
Barcelona hace un calor que me deja
fri'a por dentro con este vicio de vivir mintiendo
que bonito seria tu mAR si supiera yo nadAR.
Barcelona Y mientras esta' llena de cara de gENTE extranjera,
CONOCIDA, desCONOCIDA ? y vuelta a ser transparENTE.
No insisto ma's Barcelona _____
si no es cosa de tus ritos (o gritos?) tu laberinto extrovertido.
No he encontrado la rAZO'N porque me duele el corAZO'N
porque es tan fuerte que so'lo podre' vivIRTE en la distancia
y escribIRTE una canciO'N.
Te quiero Barcelona
( male chorus: ellas en el poder ellas en el poder)


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Barcelona Movies

I’ve been a Barcelona aficionada since I can remember, still my interest resurfaced after I watched my 062e03d8-d46e-49e5-b03f-7246aa003f73_vicky_cristina_barcelona_caratulanow favourite movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I’m pretty certain that I would be madly in love with Scarlett Johansson if I were a man… and after this movie I probably would have fallen in love with Penelope too! What an actress!!! Talk about an Oscar well deserved.

I believe that a really good movie can be influential and life changing! This movie certainly has been for me.

“Barcelona provides the dazzling backdrop to the film. The modernista architecture, Gaudí, the museums, cuisine, the charming narrow streets and squares tucked away in the old quarter are real locations which reaffirm the city’s place as a magnet for lovers of cultural tourism.”

A must see for everyone!

And what better way to prepare for a trip or a move than researching what the moviemakers have to offer? Barcelona has become incredibly popular among commercial and movie makers alike and here are just a couple of my must-see movies before the move:

L’Auberge Espagnole

“The film tells the story of a French graduate student who goes to study in Barcelona as part of the Erasmus Scheme and shares an apartment with seven other students from all over Europe. In this mini Tower of Babel he lives a somewhat chaotic and informal life, marked by a permanent diversity which is continually on show.

In the words of the director Cédric Klapisch, Barcelona was the ideal city to shoot this film, because it is highly photogenic. He also added that it is a city that has attained a mythical status for many young people in Europe who dream of visiting it. La Rambla, the Park Güell, the Sagrada Família and the Barceloneta beaches are just some of the areas that reveal this open, Mediterranean city steeped in history and culture.4e74ef62-1a91-46df-8194-2a21effea334_Salvador_puig_antich_caratula

Salvador Puig Antich

“The Catalan-British co-production is based on rigorously documented real events which took place during the last years of the Franco regime, a period relatively unexplored by film-makers. It tells the story of, a young anarchist who fights for freedom by every possible means, aware of the possible consequences and the tragic and unduly heavy price he would have to pay for his actions, which made him a symbol for an entire generation.”

 Todo Sobre Mi Madre

Oscar winning, heart-wrenching story about a mother who moves to Barcelona to find the father of her dead son.

“For the first time, Almodóvar decided that the main setting for one of his films would be Barcelona instead of Madrid, and feature such well-known landmarks as the Sagrada Família and the Palau de la Música Catalana”.

In fact the Barcelona Tourism Board offers “Barcelona Movie Walks” aka sightseeing tours visiting the places where these (among others) movies were shot! Cool!

All pics and reviews are from the Barcelona Movie website

Barcelona Honeymoon

What are the impressions of a first-time-Europe visitor of Barcelona? Check out Tracy's honeymoon post on BCN!

Congrats to the happy couple!!!


This photo is from Tracy's blog

Monday, October 5, 2009

Very useful links for living in Spain

Monday morning... hello! I found some very useful working/living in Spain articles on the Expat Blog which i thought i'll share with you!

Boring? Maybe... Useful? VERY...(hopefully ;))


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Friday, October 2, 2009

Have a crazy weekend!

Hey barcelonians! I'm doing something crazy this weekend! Hope you too! ;)


Barcelona a La LUXE

I can't believe I never heard of the LUXE Guides before!!! “The world’s coolest guidebook publisher” according to The Times (UK) teamed up with local residents in the coolest and hippest towns around the world to create the cutest, smartest and funniest guidebooks. Who better than a local to show you around the best places in town, right? Their website definately worth a visit too!

They claim: There simply wasn’t anything out there for smart, solvent people who knew the value of money and didn’t want to waste it, but who were as happy to splash for the good stuff as sit in a tumbledown shack on the river if the food were good enough and adventure was on the menu. So what can we say? The LUXE reader is busy, money-smart and value-minded, discerning, frivolous, adventurous and above all, fun. Yes, but the LUXE reader is also 65 and wearing Bionda Castanas, or 25 and wearing vintage Tommy Nutter. There’s no age limit to style or the luxe2enjoyment of life – you just need to want the best. Oh, and love shopping.  And spa.  And…

What’s in it for us? when we arrive in a city we look solely for the things we totally love (and think you will too) and we ditch the rest. We leave the mediocre, touristic blah to the other guides and go straight for the good stuff – and that doesn’t mean the most expensive, on the contrary, it can be a dollar or a hundred dollars. What’s important is that it has to be the best of what it is; the best salad, the best budget boutique hotel, the best mom & pop trattoria, the best handmade shoes, the best fine diner, the best walk in the park.

Just my kind of thing if you ask me! And I adore the glamorous book cover illustrations!!! Their box sets are to die for! You can choose from the Luxe European, Asian or World Box edition or you can customize and create your own box! Fabulous gift idea for Xmas! (The Luxe European Box is 75 USD and you can order it online at their site, the Barcelona Luxe Guide is only 9,99 USD :))

I’m ordering their Barcelona guide ASAP! But before I thought I give you a glimpse into their recommendations. I love their style, so cool, so young, so fresh, centuries away from the usual guidebook boredomness. Ana Montiel, a very talented Barcelona based pattern designer  is one of the resident BCN editors, check out her weblog!

Curious what they recommend in BCN? Hahaha…. I thought this could be very useful for visitors and maybe gives some new ideas to residents alike... so here it comes!

The below text is coming directly from


From the Romans and Moors to today’s global traveller, the world, it seems, can’t get enough of Barcelona. And not surprisingly, seeing as 10% of the city is given over to parks, this blue-skied bombshell puts the si in sister and the oh in brother with more razzle-dazzle than a De Beers heiress. From her glittering Mediterranean sea, stunning museums and architectural marvels (ever heard of Gaudí?) to her culinary fireworks and sparkling wines, Barcelona is a non-stop degustation of the best in Spanish life. She’s beautiful, she’s mysterious, she’s wanton and she’s waiting... Gato got your tongue?

LUXE Barcelona. Put a party in your pocket.

Blah Blah Blah
    • Balmy, perfect autumn and spring, winter is crisp and the sun shines year round, but avoid Aug, the place shuts down, the locals flee and the world descends.
    • Catalan is the language of choice in Barcelona, but everyone speaks Spanish, though less so English.
    • El Prat airport - city centre by cab: 30 mins / 30 Euros.
    • The best way to explore the old city is on foot or by bicycle. Beyond that, the metro and bus is efficient, and taxis are affordable and plentiful.
    • Save time and money, get a T-10 card at the Metro station.
    • Shop hours are approx. 10am-1.30pm and 4.30-7.30pm, Mon-Fri, and Sat am, give or take an hour. Even restos shut on Sun, so head to the beach, park, museum or bar.
    • Lunch at 2pm, then siesta, have a merienda (snack) at 7pm, sup at 9pm, then party after. It’s no wonder the Sagrada Familia is still 50 years away from completion.
    • Avoid La Rambla like you would a date with Franco. He’s gone? Shame the ugly hordes here haven’t.
    • Don’t confuse the divinely florid, art nouveau folly of modernisme/modernista architecture with the later, rational and functional modernist style.
      It’s all in the detail, so look closely at everything from doors and knobs, to balconies and lamp posts.
    • Don’t ask for a cerveza, ask for a caña. Avoid sangria with your meal and sip regional wines or cava instead.
    • Tipping is not required, though a few euros is nice.
    • Reservations are essential at most restaurants.
    • If paying by credit card, have photo ID handy.
    • Beware of pickpockets and watch your bag, especially in a crowd; the rogues aren’t dangerous, just fast.
    • Football is a religion and FC Barcelona the god.
    • The intl dialling code for Spain is +34; most local calls have a 93 prefix, which must always be dialled, and most mobiles begin with 6.
    • In emergencies, call 112 or police 088.  

Some handy Catalan phrases to get you going... 

Bon dia / Adéu : Good morning / Goodbye
Si us plau / moltes gràcies (or mercès) : Please / Thank you
No parlo català : It’s all rhubarb to me. 


Befitting its party atmos and fun-loving outlook on life, Barcelona is a 66cracker for schmick places to stay, and as we do wtih all cities we cover, we've gone out of our way to find the best style for dollar options so you always feel comfy and you never feel room-raped. Oh we do love to be beside the seaside, and especially when it’s at the Hotel Arts, it’s one seriously jetset eurogenous zone with bright, sandy-hued pana-roomas, sporting B&O, WiFi and a sublime Six Senses Spa. Pack every shred of seriously sexy clothing you have and don't skimp on the body tan, Tonya. For something a little more discreet, try beaut little boutique Hotel Pulitzer with its choc and cream theme, breakfast conservatory and fab rooftop terrace – splash on the suite with its own 30sqm sun terrace, canopied bed, and Jacuzzi bath, for sudsy fun.

Wine & Dine

Fasten your seatbelts for this Spanish gourmand Grand Prix, but bear in mind in Barcelona, noon lunches and 7pm suppers brand you as a total tourist, if you can find somewhere open, that is. Be sure to re-set your body clock and keep a couple of snacks handy for emergency nibbles. For cutting-edge Modern Catalan book ahead for the ‘in’ crowd’s fave, Moo. The Roca brothers’ high design gastrodome with its glassed-in garden patio is always pumping with fierce diners and a big helping of attitude on the menu. When you don't feel like frocking it, we're loving private kitchen Tapioles 53, this old brolly workshop cum studio cum after hours home kitchen with its knockout garden-fresh Mediterranean menu is always a pleasure, or for something relaxed, we’re loving Bar Pinotxo, an absolutely no–frills elbow to nip counter smack bang in the middle of the Boquería market for the day’s freshest seafood. Note: you have as much hope of keeping your figure in Barcelona as the Sagrada Familia being finished! Ah well, eat today, slim tomorrow…


The shopping hours of many of Europe’s major cities is a total mystery to the rest of the world, and Barcelona manages to keep the side up with most stores closed on Sunday, as well as each day between 1.30-4.30pm – so plan your daily therapy into two stealth-shop blocks of three hours, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We've put together seven spot-on, by-the-hand shopping itins that lead you through the intoxictaing streets and alleys to all the city's best shopportunities, plus whole sections devoted to Gourmet and Advanced Shopping for all those fabby custom and bespoke options we love so much. The home of Camper has an exceptionally healthy retail scene and you’re going to need nerves of steel to resist temptation at stores like the addictive Vinçon – an entire landmark block of everything for the modern design family, from cutlery to cupboards, and beds to gardening gear. Elsewhere, make a beeline for Natalie Capell’s utterly divine gothic meets 20s lace and silk dresses that will take you down the aisle or up the red carpet in high style, and where would you be without Cristina Castañer, the queen of espadrilles? Barcelona is famed for its delis and gourmet stores and the epicure’s deli Semon is ground zero for just about everything from the finest Jamon Ibérico to caviar. But check to make sure your home country allows you to import foodstuffs, you don’t want to be apprehended in possession of an armed and dangerous chorizo.


If you’re planning on seeing the major art centres in Barcelona, get yourself an Articket - a snip at 20 euros, it gets you into a slew of lovelies and of course helps you to jump the queues. Yay! You will of course be using it to get into Museu Picasso for its amazing collection of the master’s work housed in a series of medieval blocks – totally unmissable. Be sure also to take in the delightful Museu Frederic Marès hidden away in the old city. This huge collection of medieval and religious sculptures also boasts one of the prettiest courtyard cafés in town, which is perfect if you easily fall prey to galleria tremens. It’s well nigh impossible to come to this city and miss the work of modernist architect Antoni Gaudí, in particular the iconic Sagrada Família, but far and away the best way to view it is with a cold beer from the conveniently situated terrace of Copa Café. Salut!

LUXE City Guides. Beauty and brevity.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


As an attempt to bring this blog to the next level, time to time i want to share some up and coming BCN artists with you.

I adore digital art and therefore, the first one on my list to share is HEY, a Barcelona based design duo specialized in brand management, editorial design, packaging and interactive media! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their work and hope that they start selling their prints online soon! (Check out that B letter design! One day i'll ask them to design an M too and i"ll have my BarceloMIA logo :))

Check out their work and website HERE

I got all the pics from HERE



Gorgeous Gaudi Tiles


Just because it's so pretty and so Barcelona....1018674_gaudi_tiles184887_peace

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