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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Food things

Vintage food poster for my future kitchen, you can buy it here

HaHa... no I'm not thinking of food now that I can't have it at all! :D
But seriously day one of detox is done and I am feeling good. Thanks for the sweet and concerned comments about me starving, but actualy I do eat a lot... but only fruits and veggies and seeds. I'm excited to follow through and share the experiences with you!

Now about running... I did it! After a loooong preparation of dressing up, finding my ipod and finally leaving, I went for the first real run of my life and it was waaay better than I expected. Foo Fighters in my ear I ran through a bridge, made a round in the park than back home in 20 minutes! :) Ok I was walking half the time but this is a start! :D

and now... day 2


vicky h. said...

i've tried sooo many "diets" but I somehow never saw the results I was hoping for. (but then again I never quite followed trough :)) can't wait for your review.


p.s. I could probably also do 2 weeks w/o shopping. (maybe)

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