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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen I have a huge announcement to make! After years of sideroads and hesitations I decided to follow my dream and start a new life.
I bought a one-way ticket to Barcelona!
I'm full of excitment and fear of the unknown but I did it! I made up my mind and on March 19th (in two weeks!!!!) I'll become a new resident of my favourite city. I'm so nervous, so many things to organise so many things to do. I don't even know where to start.

First of all I'm in full swing flat hunt, so if you know a nice, sunny room in a good location with internet in the room (cable, not WIFI, I work from home) please let me know (my email address is in my profile)! :)

Thanks for all your support so far! You really helped me to be brave and do what I always wanted to do!
Soooooooo exciteeeeeeeeeedddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))


Marta G. (A Bilingual Baby) said...

Good luck with the flat hunt! I hope your time in Barna will be great, you love the city so much I am sure it will help you see the good things and don't pay so much attention to the bad ones... Yes, there are bad things too! Such is life, nothing can be perfect! :)

Enjoy Barna!*

*(By the way, no idea why many tourists say Barça instead of Barna, Barça is just the football team!)

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

:) Good to know!!! And yes I know nothing can be perfect but I am really hoping for the best (and the sunshine and the beach will certainly help)! x

Lila said...

I am so excited for you and Yes a little jealous. Keep up updated with the move and what you think now that you'll actually be living there. Heres to making dreams come true. Cheers!

yolanda said...

Mucha suerte para tu nueva vida(te escribo en español y así vas practicando)

sarah said...

wow how exciting congrats!!! Welcome to Hotel California :)

Lola said...

Enhorabuena por tu decisión. Barcelona es una de mis ciudades favoritas.
Preciosas fotos en tu blog.

D e g a i n e said...

I can't believe i just came across your blog. Sitting here wondering when I too am ever going to make the move to Barcelona (my life long dream) and I decided that Aug.31st I too will be on a one way ticket to Barcelona!!! Then i saw your blog...Coincidence? haha. Don't be scared, your going to the most beautiful place in the world!! See you there!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

ah that is so exciting, cheers ot an amazing journey!

Jeremy Holland said...

Congratulations on taking the plunge! I have a good feeling the move will turn out well for you.

Marla Singer said...

wow congrats! have a fun trip!
i probably need a getaway ticket, too. hahahha ;D

Maxi said...

that was quick..
check in almost everybody posts there rooms for rent..

Emily said...

That is so exciting!! What a brave decision you made. I am so jealous of you gusto!! Have so much fun!!!

D e g a i n e said...

By the way here are some sites to help you find a place to stay they are amazing!!

I find those are the best sites since ive been looking at places daily for the past year lol!!!

Good luck!!!!!

Melina said...

Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you!!! In a couple years I'll move there too and we'll need to meet up for an ex-patriot celebration!!

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