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Monday, February 8, 2010

10 observations on renting a room in Barcelona

These days i find myself spending hours looking at idealista searching for a place to stay in case I finally make the move in the near future. I've also seen many questions on different forums regarding flat prices, so i thought i'd share my findings with you.

1. I pretty much narrowed down where i'd like to live: Eixample or Gracia

2. I used to rent a small apartment in Berlin and I am very hesitant to move together with other people again, but a couple of things i've learned from living alone:
  • it is very expensive!!! paying for all the agency fees, warranties, buying all the furnitures and necessary daily things cost a LOT of money, much more than i anticipated (the first day that my bank account was in positive was the day i moved out, and that includes the days i got my (pretty good) salary as well)
  • I find it almost impossible to find furnished single apartments in Bcn (especially in a good location with a terrace :)
  • You can afford a very nice and big room in a very nice house in a very nice place with huge terracce for the same money as what you would pay for a crapy single apartment with paint falling on your head without any furnitures
  • Renting a room normally also means that someone else takes care of the bills for you! Nice! :)
  • Prices are normally all included, no hidden fees, extra payments... when you live alone you never actually know how much you paid at the end of the month
3. So i decided i would share an apartment with max 2 other people (girls...) things can get messy with more people! (also more fun...:)

4. My preferences: central location, big terracce, big room (i work from home), great people, nice furnitures, preferably modern, clean... etc, not much i know :D

5. Prices for renting a room: 300-600 euros... I'll target 450.. you can get some pretty sweet rooms for that (all bills included, sometimes even a cleaning lady... not that it's a priority)

6. P.S i am surprised how many people have cats in Barcelona! no cats for me thanks

7. Which reminds me, I'm astonished by the poor search options on idealista, i can choose if i'm a boy or a girl, if i have any pets and if i want to live with gays and lesbians or if i don't mind.....

8. More people should include personal descriptions/photos, it's crucial to know who you're gonna share your life with!

9. When you move to a new city it is actually not the worst to move together with people who know the city and have many friends! (i'll definately choose a place with the nicest people in it!)

10. Living in a place like Barcelona where it can get very hot and it's sunny most of the year i'd definately look for a place with a terracce! :)

So if anyone is reading there.... do you share an apartment in Barcelona? How much do you pay? What are your experiences? Would love to hear...


sarah said...

Try looking here too not sure how long it's been up for as it's pretty new... and of course

Good luck with your searching! I know it's a mine field out there... we've been looking for more than 4 months now to move and everything is super expensive and plain horrible... You really need to spend at least 1200 to get a decent 3 bed flat here and you can forget about a terrace... our pokey two bed will have to do us for a while longer I suppose!

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