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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Summerbelle City Maps

I'm a big fan of Julie Summerbelle. I love everything she does but more than anything I adore her papercut city maps. I can't wait to have a nice living room so I could hang out her prints. So far she's done London, Paris and New York but I have requested Barcelona to be the next one! :)

Look! That's how she does it! Marvellous!


yolanda said...

It,s so gorgeus.
yolanda ahhhlala

Marta G. (A Bilingual Baby) said...

I love these maps, too. Hey, you have good taste :)

raven said...

wow, i really dig these maps too! adore your blog :)

Lila said...

I would love it if she did one of our beloveded Barcelona!


Lila said...

Woops I mean beloved. :)

I should really preview.

Twila said...

wow! so adorable. I would like these on my wall of lafayette louisiana or new orleans please!


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