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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Milano by dawn

After dropping off my girls at the airport I stayed another couple of days in Italy and wandered into Milan city center at 7 am. It's interesting to be the only tourist and hell the only person in town in one of the most overcrowded cities on Earth.
{the famous Dome of Milan}
{the most famous and luxurious shopping center of Milan, forgot the name...}
{Scala on the left (the building was very disappointing, I expected something grand)}
{there must have been some big design event going on, the square in front of the Scala was full of pink snails, a nice pop of color on a grey and rainy day for sure!}



Flaneur said...

Me encantan essos caracoles gigantes en fucsia dentro de la plaza gris!!!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I love being awake in the early hours of the morning when you feel like the only person in the world!

Wish I could be back in Milano soon.

Lila said...

How beautiful!
What a nice way to take it all in- quiet and enchanting.

Nicole Marie said...

ahh so so so pretty!

leila brewster photography said...

so i have always thought i would end up in barcelona too! i LOVE that place.. i am living in california right now, but know my heart is there.. i cant wait for the day when i get my photography all fixed up enough so that i could relocate there permanently! love the pictures of milan! i was there in november for the second time.. did you visit cinque terre by any chance?

vicky h. said...

aww I want to go!! My mom and sister have been but I haven't...need to add it to my list of to-dos :)

pretty pictures!!


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