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Monday, March 1, 2010

Why I LOVE March

Today is the 1st of March and I couldn't be any happier. March has always been my favourite month of the year and here is why I look forward to it so much this year:

1. It's officially spring!
2. Did you know that March used to be the beginning of the calendar year in Roman times? I do feel like March is the beginning of my new year every year, when it's time to wake up from that bad winter dream (and get to the gym)
3. Days actually get longer and warmer
4. My favourite flowers like daffodil and tulips start to bloom and you can feel that sweet smell in the air
5. I can throw out my winter jacket
6. I can legally eat ice cream again
7. Sitting outside in cafes is not only for crazy people anymore
8. I can wear sunglasses again
9. I can start planning my summer travels
10. and most importantly and I don't dare to say it out loud yet.... BUT looks like this March will be the month when I'll move to Barcelona finally!!! :))))))))))))

So here is to a HAPPY and exciting MARCH!!!


Lila said...

Good luck with the move. Keep us posted.

BarceloMIA said...

:) Will surely do! Can't wait! x

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