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Monday, November 2, 2009

Custo Barcelona

No wonder that the city of colours, the city of magnificiant buildings, art, design, cultures, Gaudi... has touched the world of fashion as well. The most pioneer ambassador of Barcelona in the fashion industry is undoubtedly Custo Barcelona. Well they are a bit out there... but fact is that their celebrity clientele including Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts surely don't mind!

"Started by brothers Custo and David Dalmau in 1981, Custo Barcelona was born on a motorcycle trip across America. Inspired by the lax attitude of southern California, the pair returned to their native Barcelona and started a business crafting T-shirts for men and women with screen-prints and illustrations. Now the brand extends to everything from suits to swimwear, and it’s still the colors and prints that keep bringing customers back. The look is bold, bright, and psychedelic, and has a particularly high appeal in international markets—they account for almost 85 percent of all company sales." Source

Enjoy some of my favouritesfrom their latest collection (Spring/Summer 2010):

custo dress 3custo bikini

custo dresscusto dress2custo dress 6


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