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Thursday, October 15, 2009

World Vegetarian Month

vegetablesDid you know it's World Vegetarian Month in October? I know people who "celebrate" by going vegetarian or even vegan for a month or a week. Did you ever try it? I was vegetarian for about two years in high school, but after a while i did miss meat so i switched to a semi-vegetarian diet (I only eat chicken now). Yeah Spanish/Catalan cuisine is not one of the reasons i want to move the Spain (except for espinacs a la Català and escalivada), nevertheless there are a couple of good looking vegetarian restaurant in BCN.  Will check them out and it's the perfect time for you as well to fill your bodies with fresh fruits and veggies before the grey season starts! Oh and by the way I'm loving the SinCarne website! Go check it out!

VEGETALIA : one of the leading Spanish producers of organic vegetarian foods and products has opened its very first bar/restaurant and store right in the heart of Barcelona


JUICY JONES  probably the only 100% vegan restaurant in BCN

For a long list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in BCN  click  at SinCarne or  HappyCow

(btw it is very surprising how many restaurants do not have a proper website these days, incredible!!!)

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