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Monday, September 28, 2009

Barcelomania, Barcamia... BarceloMIA!!!

I've been thinking long and hard on the first post on my soon to be sweetest waste of time! (Hence it took me three tries to get the name right! :))I am a fan and soon to be citizen of the greatest city on Earth, Barcelona. I'm preparing on my big move and although there are no concrete plans so far, i know i will land in BCN and will have a blast of a life there! Join me in preparing for the big move, looking up on all the knowledge the net and the blogosphere has to offer and collecting all that there is to know about expat life in BCN!!!

I hope that one day i can put this quote on my about page: ;)

"I live in a city open to the sea, kind to the visitor, with beaches, with wild boars, with a Sònar Festival; I live in a city made of the sum of little towns and of big cultures; I live in a modernist / contemporary / modern / ancient / gothic city; I live in the city of design, of art, of Mrs. Rose, of the bravas potatoes, of the bulding works in Lesseps Sq.; I live in the Eixample, in the Montbau, in the Guineueta, in Diputació St., I live in Barcelona".

Spain, Barcelona, couple reading map near Sagrada Familia, laughing


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